How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Well, hello there!

Thanks so much for visiting my fancy new blog!

If you’ve thumbed through the first couple of pages of my book, How to Sew a Button, then you know that until recently, I was pretty hopeless on the home front. Case in point: I actually once baked a strawberry-rhubarb pie, using strawberries and Swiss chard. (I mean, chard does look a little bit like rhubarb, right? Let me tell you, it sure doesn’t taste like it.)

Anyway, after baking that lousy pie, I had an epiphany: Not knowing how to do stuff for myself is not only disempowering, but also, especially in this crap economy, downright irresponsible. So, in writing my book, I set out to learn everything I needed to know to feel confident, simplify my life and save money.

And who better to turn to for that advice than our grandmothers, especially those who’ve survived The Great Depression? They certainly know how to make due with what they have. From interviewing them, I’ve learned important lessons about cooking, entertaining, saving, and loving—and I’m going to keep learning more stuff everyday. I hope you’ll join me, right here!

11 Responses to “Well, hello there!”

  1. Claire Bried says:

    The website looks awesome. Can’t wait for the release date of the book! Dad and I are so proud of you! Love Mom

  2. Lida Moore says:

    Oy, now this means I cant just shove the sheets in the closet anymore??? The videos are awesome.. The tie tying one is priceless, and essential… Cant wait to make a pie and freak out everyone I know!

  3. I plan on buying at least a couple of these for just-married nieces! It’s amazing how many small skills have been lost. A while back I had to walk a young friend through raising pants hems because there wasn’t even good info on the net – I was tickled to see raising a hem in the ToC! 🙂

  4. Erin Bried says:

    Thanks, Mom! *Blushing* Thanks, Lida. I’ll send you a freak-out worthy pie recipe. And thanks, Little Fluffy Cat! I’m 6-feet tall, so I just learned to hem myself. (Didn’t really need know how to do that, ever.)

  5. alicia says:

    Love your blog, totally up my old school alley since I’m cheap and practical.
    So yay you and your fabulous book,
    not your mom

  6. Erin-your videos are awesome! Don’t tell Holly but I don’t read…so the videos will have to hold me over until my attention span matures. And that sheet thing??? Bad Ass!

  7. Your Mom is too cute! It took almost 2 years for my Mom to get over the fear of commenting on my blog.

    I told my friend Laura about your sheet folding tutorial, she was (disturbingly) very excited about. Me? I still roll & smoosh…LOL

  8. Monica chrisanthon says:

    I hope you realize who I am after seeing my last name
    I am your brother in law’s aunt nikki’s daughter in law
    well we heard all about your book fro Kristen and steve this summer
    we were waiting to hear all about this book coming out.
    Congrats! How exciting!!!! And let me tell you how proud they were talking about you this summer. I am taking down the shore Ocnj to “aunt nikki’s”
    for thanksgiving dinner my copy of the o magazine to show her your blip in it
    how cool is that! Well congrats again
    I am warning you tho I plan on buying my daughter and my future daughter in law and my 3 neices and three friends your book for Xmas
    also I work at an indoor soccer facility filled with tons of soccer moms. I plan on telling all of them about this book too! I am lucky that I have a very handy husband who can fix anything but he is not the normal husband out there and I am lucky to have a motherinlaw who can do most of what is in your book but I know lots of people who would love this book!
    So get ready I love to talk to lots of people and your book is worth talking about
    please say hi to my favorite little girls Annie and Zoe
    lots of best wishes and you go girl hugs
    Monica Chrisanthon

  9. admin says:

    Monica! So great to hear from you, and thank you so, SO much for your support! It really means a lot to me! I can’t wait to show Nikki the book. I should be getting finished copies very soon, and I plan to send her one hot-off-the-presses. Please give her a big hug from me on Thanksgiving. I just showed Annie and Zo the “Meet the Grandmothers” video, and they were going wild when they heard Nikki’s voice. So sweet. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

  10. Erin Fogg says:

    As a blogger who is documenting her adventures/misadventures in becoming domestic, I am thrilled to find your site and your new book! I actually have a post drafted for later in the week that will link back to your site and your amazing sheet folding tutorial. Best tip of my life.

    Welcome to blog land!

    – Erin

  11. Karen Grabowski says:

    Can’t wait to read your book, Erin! I need lots of help in this arena…

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