How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Oh My Stars!

Yesterday was so exciting and a little bit glitzy.

First of all, I got a hot-off-the presses copy of SELF magazine’s December issue, which includes a four page excerpt of How to Sew a Button. Four pages! It looks so great, and includes tips for how to build a fire, do a waltz, mix a martini and more. I especially love the illustrations by Keiko Morimoto.

So, pretty good morning, right? Well it just gets better.

I was paging through O magazine with Ellen Degeneres (love her!) on the cover, and what do I see on the bottom of p 66? A mention of my book! I keep reading and rereading it in Oprah’s bellowing voice: “If you only have 15 minuuuuuuuutes…”


And then Redbook, too! Redbook! They called me the “undomestic diva,” which is kind of perfect.


And lastly, just as my head was about to explode, I got my first honest-to-goodness book review. Reviews are a funny thing. All along, I was crossing my fingers (and toes and eyes), hoping to get one, and then when I found out I actually had one in BookPage, I was absolutely terrified to read it. Still, I bucked up and got through it and to my delight, it was really great!


So, that was my Tuesday. It’s now my new favorite day of the week. Of course, it’s a beautiful Wednesday in Brooklyn. Blue skies all the way. That’s pretty nice, too.

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