How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Hip-hip Beret!

When I first moved to Brooklyn from Pennsylvania thirteen years ago, I basically had no idea what I was doing. Like, at all.

So, after I was invited to my first grown-up dinner party, I remember wandering around a liquor store on Flatbush Avenue, looking for a cheap but nice bottle of wine to bring. Too scared to ask the guy at the counter for a suggestion, I just stood there, quaking in my Doc Martens, trying to read labels without actually touching anything.

And then it happened: A man wearing a beret walked into the store!


I figured any beret-wearing fellow must know something about wine, so I secretly trailed him to see which bottle he’d choose. Then, I chose the same one. I have no idea if the wine was any good, but I do know that the dinner party was a success, because the host has now become one of my oldest friends.

Maybe great friendships always start with a beret. I just met a super-cool chick last week named Jean, who makes those floppy little hats, uses words like “craptastic,” and writes a fantastic crafty blog (and I’m not just saying that because she wrote about me.) Please check her out!

And please give a little love to my friends who don’t wear berets, like Lipstick & Dipstick, who wrote about my book, and writer and cupcake connoisseur Rachel Kramer Bussel, who interviewed me for her great piece on book trailers for the Huffington Post. Thanks, guys!

4 Responses to “Hip-hip Beret!”

  1. Aww. Thanks. I’m having a beret-makin’-blitz on Saturday. What color do and Miss H want?

  2. admin says:

    Really? Really? So cool! H says she’d love “something fabulous, like polka dots.” I’d like one that’s crrrazy. Also, you should know, I have a giant head.

  3. I specialize in pumpkin heads, I have one myself. Just measure the circumference of your head and her head and lemme know.

  4. showers says:

    Thanks for posting this, reading your blog I’m amazed how much time you have put into it.

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