How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Spring is here!

This week, the Associated Press ran a story about spring cleaning, featuring How to Sew a Button. And while spring cleaning is a necessary (and ultimately satisfying) ritual that I highly recommend to all,  I must admit, it’s certainly not my favorite part of the season. You know what is? Days like today. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The trees are even beginning to bud. It’s a new day, a new season, a time of renewal.

You might’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged for a few weeks. I guess I was hibernating (or, more specifically, watching Season 1 and 2 of Damages). After a few months of doing interviews, readings, and television appearances for the book, I wanted to be quiet for a while (it’s my nature), and honestly, I just felt like I didn’t have anything left to say.

Now, I feel like I’m waking up again. H and I went to the park this morning for our daily 5-mile trek (run 2, walk 3) and I brought my camera along.

We stopped by the Boathouse and stood on the dock, where we tried to recall our wedding vows. We got married in that very spot almost two years ago now. (Click here to see two of the biggest smiles in the world.)


Then, we stopped and watched the swans for a while. I think they’re as happy as we are to see the ice finally melting away.


We climbed on the rocks by the waterfall, which is finally rushing again.

The Snowdrops are blooming like crazy, which means the crocuses aren’t too far behind.


Now that I’ve admired the first signs of spring outside, I guess I should start the annual ritual of cleaning inside. Key word: Should. There’s no way I’m going to do that on a day as beautiful as this. Instead, I think I’ll keep celebrating. Hope you enjoy the warm sunshine, too!



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