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Everybody loves pasties!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Holy cow! I about died when I opened this month’s issue of Real Simple. Guess whose smiling mug is you’ll see on page 237? Mine! And my mom’s! A few months ago, we were invited to share our family recipe for a pasty, which is basically beef, onions and potatoes wrapped in a pie crust. This recipe has passed down through the women in my family for generations.

We had so much fun together at the shoot. Notice how nice my mom’s pasties look in the photo below. Then, look how long and weird mine looks.


And now, look at the gorgeous one the food stylists made.

meat-potato_300I guess the great thing about the pasty, much like the great thing about pies or really any homecooked meal, is that it doesn’t really matter how pretty it looks. It  always tastes good. I like poking a little hole in the top of my pasty and pouring in some melted butter before eating it.

A few days after the issue came out, I got this sweet email through facebook from a woman named Gail Higgins Ledin. Here’s what she wrote:

“I am on my lunch hour in Minnesota, picked up the REAL SIMPLE magazine to read, as I saw “Just Like Mom Made” on the cover. I was so curious what the recipes were… Pasties are one of my BEST childhood memories with my grandmother. My grandfather came from Cornwall to Michigan, and then lived in Northern Minnesota. He and his father were both Miners, and of course Pasties were eaten during their lunches. How fun to read your article!…When you know about pasties, you LOVE them!”

So true! Here’s the pasty recipe, if you’d like to try it tonight. What recipes have been passed down through your family? Do tell!



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