How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Celebrate Summer with Dandelion Wine

I’ve waited all summer to taste this batch of homemade Dandelion Wine, and man o man, is it good! Watch the slightly goofy video below to learn how to make your own (and then invite me over, please).

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  1. Linda Dilly Miller says:

    I read about your book “How to Sew a Button” in the Louisville, KY Courier-Journal and went to your website to find out a bit about you and your book. Wow! What a fabulous site! I love your videos with the grandmothers and your demos. Your laugh is so contagious that I feel like I want to know you or have known you all my life. I’m going to buy your book right now!

    Linda Dilly Miller
    Elizabethtown, Ky

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