How to Sew a Button
How to Sew a Button

Radio Ga Ga

This week, I appeared on three radio shows:  WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, Martha Stewart’s Living Today and The Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio. In case you missed them, you can tune into the public radio shows right here.


19390_logoHere I am on The Brian Lehrer Show. I met him in his studio for a live interview. Can you tell I was wearing big headphones and grinning at him the entire time?

WPRClick here to listen to me on The Joy Cardin Show. (It’ll open up a ram file, so don’t be alarmed when a new window pops up. Just click ok.) I wasn’t able to travel to Wisconsin for this interview, so we did it over the phone, and I was on for an entire hour! Talk about a hot ear! So many listeners called in to share personal stories. One of the great things about doing interviews for my book is hearing how it inspires people to remember their own grandmothers.

radio_microphone_sUnfortunately, the Martha Stewart show isn’t online, but Mario Bosquez was a great host. I felt like I was sitting at the kitchen table with him, just chatting like old friends. Only, his kitchen table has lots of buttons and lights, and it comes with big fuzzy microphones, and head phones, and a sound engineer, and a producer.

Ok, I’m finished talking for the week. Good too, since I have a million presents to wrap. Hope you’re enjoying the run up to the holidays and are steering clear of the mall madness. If you’re at home stitching or knitting or baking or just wrapping those last minute gifts,  I recommend a nice red with stitching, a white with knitting, a cocoa with baking and a martini with wrapping. Or, at least, something. Cheers!

4 Responses to “Radio Ga Ga”

  1. Troy Miller says:

    Erin, Thanks for your comment on my blog today, I was so excited to hear from someone out of my immediate circle of friends. I hope you come back again and I thought you might enjoy that one of my friends reminded me of a great craft we got at the exchange, a Dog biscuit made into a reindeer pin. The maker said she had sold 275 of them at a craft faire… Want the directions?…


  2. admin says:

    Biscuits–let me guess–dipped in shellac? Ah, the perfect craft for dog lovers.

  3. Congratulations on your garnering such significant publicity on your new book! I wish I caught the segment on Martha Stewart.

  4. Jodi says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog — I just read through yours. Very funny. I’ll be checking bag for more installments. Have a great holiday.

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